Strategic leadership

Market potentials and the interests of company shareholders and owners are central to strategic decision-making. As board members or active investors, we help analyse markets, processes, resources and competencies, together with key personnel. Based on this analysis, we develop and implement a sound basis for decision-making and customised, future-focused strategies. Measurable results enable timely review and adaptation of strategies and their structured implementation.

Our services

  • Board member
  • Investor

Operational leadership

A range of operational tasks must be undertaken in order to realign a company. As well as clients, suppliers and local authorities, the key focus is on recruiting talent for the realignment – whether for future-focused innovation, the acquisition of a competitor, the sale of parts of the company or major personnel restructuring. As long as the reasoning is explained clearly, challenging decisions can be readily understood by employees. Following rational assessment of the situation and prudent decision-making, the implementation phase must be carried out consistently, transparently and supported by open communication.

Our services

  • Temporary CEO
  • Temporary line manager
  • Project manager

Consulting & Coaching

Our consulting services are frequently provided for projects lasting several months, in which we support organisations and companies in developing strategies, restructuring, innovation programmes or designing an integrated quality management system, as well as accompanying the implementation phase.
As coaches, we are neutral discussion partners for senior managers who want to develop and evaluate solutions and implementation options for challenges faced by their company. 

Our consulting services cover aspects such as:

  • Strategy development
  • Design of corporate structures
  • Innovation management
  • Technology management

  • Integrated quality management
  • Equity investment
  • Transactions
  • Real estate development on industrial locations

Strategy development

Together with the decision-makers, we analyse the market and the company’s processes, resources and competencies. We develop customised, future-focused strategies for group or individual companies and business units. The critical review of options to assess their feasibility in each specific situation is a task we consider to be essential. We also support companies in implementing continual strategic monitoring, which enables recognition of the requirement to adapt a particular strategy at an early stage.

Design of corporate structures

We support the organisational structure and workflow management through the overall restructuring process. The starting points for the design of company structures are the expectations and needs of the client. With the aim of increasing efficiency, we analyse the individual business units and identify any frictional losses and inefficient structural elements. Together with the senior management, we develop sustainable and feasible proposals for the new design of business processes and structures.

Innovation management

The sales figures for your products are falling. Your development team can’t provide the support and development that the product range requires. We will review your product portfolio and work with you to develop a product strategy that aims to ensure efficient use of the resources available and increase the sales figures for the products with the best margins. These aims are achieved by introducing product lifecycle management and structuring your development resources into product maintenance and product development.

Technology management

New technologies help to sustainably increase efficiency in your company, whether by harnessing technologies for innovation or introducing new infrastructure. We evaluate the new technologies with the greatest benefit and provide support from their introduction through to full integration.

Integrated quality management

Your company can develop through the targeted promotion of quality as part of an integrated quality management system. The key motivators for creating a quality management system lie in the avoidance of errors and a constant improvement in work quality. Together with you, we will develop the foundations for certification under ISO 9001/2015 and 13485/2016.

Equity investment

Corporate financing is a major challenge for both companies and lenders. Where will investment be worthwhile? Which partners are a good fit? What could the investment look like? Our work supports both companies and lenders, thus preparing the way for appropriate financing.


Developing a business may require the purchase of another company or the sale of part of the company. We evaluate possible candidates for takeover or suitable buyers for company divisions and establish contact between the parties. Together with our partners, our consulting services will then include the transaction, as well as the integration itself in the case of a takeover, or the necessary closing out activities in the case of a sale.

Real estate development on industrial locations

Brownfield sites should be strategically developed for future-focused use. On every site, the first step is to develop a usage plan. Once this has been developed in more detail, changes to zone plans will be necessary. With clear usage plans, the design planning can be begun, anchor utilisation with appropriate marketing can be commenced and the first structural steps can be realised. After all, the key focus here is on the actual construction plans and their step-by-step implementation as well as the corresponding sales activities. We will support you through the entire process and can take over the project management in particular.